Wednesday, May 28, 2008


In what may prove to be one of the more suggestively written articles ever run in the NYTimes, Kathryn Shattuck covers the searing stage antics of the Corning Museum's Glasslab. As I understand it, the Glasslab pairs the Museum's glassmasters in a real time collaboration, transferring concepts into glass on stage. One of Beacon's resident glassmasters, Dan Spitzer is among the glassmakers on the project that runs through June 3 in the garden of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

I'll tastefully forego enumerating the moments of erotic innuendo I found in the story, and leave you, dear reader, to your own discovery. Consider it a contest. I'll just say if all references to glass were omitted from the article, it could easily become a review for some super bawdy Chippendale's-like dance routine, which might bode well for the four sweat beaded men on stage in case this glass thing doesn't pan out.

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