Friday, May 16, 2008

Kamp Maykr Update

Listen up Kampers, we have a new addition to the expedition. Theresa Gooby will be participating in the Yard Work Exhibit this weekend. Theresa moved to Beacon last August with her small family from San Francisco (via a year in Brooklyn.)
So again, here's the scoop.
Location: 1172 North Ave, Beacon (S.E corner of 9D & Ralph St.) There should be ample parking on Ralph and other side streets. Here's a picture of the joint so you know what you're looking for:
Michael Pilon's sculpture Ta amidst Michael Natiello's rippling grass piece.
The Potluck brunch will be kicking off at 10 am. Come by mingle, relax and fortify yourself for the day's events.
The Yard Work exhibit consisting of artwork sited around the grounds will be on view Sat and Sunday, May 17 & 18 til 5pm. Participating artists are: Peter Acheson, Kathy Feighery, Michael Pilon, Matt Hereford, Theresa Gooby, Steve Rossi, Michael Natiello and myself.

Michael Natiello creating his mowed work earlier this week. photo by Angelika Rinnhofer .
We extend our thanks to our landlords, Elizabeth and Lee for undulging our creative compulsions.
We'll see you this weekend, just make sure your socks are pulled up and your name is printed clealy inside your underwear (we are across the street from Spire, after all. It's always good to be prepared.)

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