Friday, May 30, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: Boys will be boys

Warning: the video below is entirely adolescent and initially, then intermittently, naughty.

The beginning of the second doodle calls to mind
Courbet's Origin of the World, recently on exhibit at the Met and one of several explicit or salacious paintings commissioned by that horn dog Turkish diplomat Kahlil-Bey. Another parallel between the doodles and Courbet's piece was the way in Kahlil-Bey coyly veiled the painting behind green fabric just as the doodles mask their cheeky origins within the final drawing.
I've not seen any details on this, but I once heard a quick blurb about a study at MIT that stated that humans are genetically predisposed to seek out and identify facial features, which in my experience, accounts for how many people find human faces and forms in abstract paintings. As this proclivity can be understood to have developed as a survival technique, I'm proposing that a similar predisposition to identify genitalia exists, from the same survival instinct.
Maybe it's just me and the work I make, but I've long found that most folks, who feel the need to, pull faces and genitals, most frequently, and sometimes animals out of the compositions of my paintings.
And honestly, I mostly never put those things in there to begin with.
Consciously, anyway.

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