Thursday, May 01, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

For your viewing pleasure, here are is a selection from the TED conference. It's a 6 min. presentation by David Gallo on the amazing visual life of underwater creatures. I subscribe to the Ted Talks videos on itunes, and I really get jazzed by the level of expertise, creativity and open source knowledge that flows forth in many of the talks.

The standing ovation that begins to happen at the end of presentation cracks me up. Who are they clapping for? You go, Octopus. Speaking of octopus, I was also going to embed this video on the development of robot feet based on various creatures. The innovation and technological exploration depicted in the video are fascinating, but what really tripped me out was the bipedal octopus at about 5:30 into the vid.
I may indeed be a geek - albeit not an a technologically gifted geek, but I tend to receive more potent, visceral inspiration from topics of science, more consistantly so, than I do from looking at art. Is my art eye jaded from so much looking? I'm just in dumb wonder of that particular application of the creative impulse that embodied by scientists. There is such an affinity between the practices of the two disciplines, yet such a socially engendered division between the two, that it's like a real life embodiment of a philosophical Separated at Birth.
Finally, just goes to show what exploration can get you. Thanks to visiting Youtube to embed the octopus video, I discovered my new reference source for linguistic betterment.

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