Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

A couple weeks back, I caught an interview on NPR's Fresh Air with Marine Colonel Steve Beck and Journalist Jim Scheeler. Scheeler's book "Final Salute" traces a period of time where he followed Colonel Beck as he carried out his duties as a casualty assistance officer, informing the the families of Marines of the deaths of their loved ones. In the interview, Beck and Scheeler recount the story of Katherine Cathey's as she laid her husband Jim to rest. Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery featured images by Todd Heisler, documenting the return of Jim Cathey's casket in last year's exhibit, It's Our War, which also included work by Chris Hondros and Suzanne Opton.
Listening to this interview made fresh the sensation I had when seeing that exhibit last Summer. Raw devastation laying bare the naked humanity; the love, faith, despair and resilience that are what life is. Most of us are exceedingly lucky to need but one day a year in which to reflect on such issues, if we manage to do so on our bonus weekend day. One person's day of remembrance is an other's day of drinking by the kiddie pool.
Additionally on topic,
Studio 360 recently re-aired an episode, much of which related to the point where art meets war in artists' responces to war.
Even more additionally, via C-Monster ,who is currently kaftanning it somewhere in SoFla, comes word of this exhibit now on exhibit in LA: Eye of the Storm: War through the Lens of American Combat Photographers. Eye of the Storm is a non profit exhibit to raise funds for and increase awareness of The Wounded Warrior Project.

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