Monday, May 19, 2008

The weekend that was: images from May 17&18, 2008

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the Kamp Maykr brunch on Saturday morning. The weather was pretty perfect, and this made for such a pleasant morning. Given that so many people had their own events later in the day, it was great that so many folks came by to share in such a wonderful morning.
Around noon, from our porch, we heard some of the goings on across the street for the Beekman Banners project. From my vantage point, I could see the tops of several heads attending the dedication. I've only seen just a few of the banners at the top of the street, but I feel it already transforms that stretch down to the train station from a neglected service road to a street that is part of a city and a community.
Below are a few images of pieces installed around our place for Kamp Maykr. Putting this together for the weekend was a great experience for me in interacting with my immediate surroundings more intentionally. There are so many interesting nooks and crannies that I can imagine that we'll be utilizing more as a project space in the future.

Above: Theresa Gooby's "Viewing Window, Partially Abstracted" filament wrap of the porch entry.
Below: a detail of my "Primer/Sealer" piece.

Above: one of Matt Hereford's many cairns placed aroung the property. This one is conversing with the magnolia tree. Below: a detail of Beacon's latest residential development spearheaded by property magnate, Kathy Feighery. As you can see, you really should have gotten in on this deal on the ground floor as space is limited.

Above: Steve Rossi's untitled Adirondack re-con outpost. Below: Peter Acheson's untitled sculpture.

About mid-afternoon, I made it from the brunch, down our front lawn to Spire and the Habitat for Artists project.
Above: Matthew Kinney's habitat. Below: a peek into my habitat.

Above: I don't know what this guy is doing. Oh wait, that's Flying Swine's Donald Kimmel. Donald was providing short impromptu performances throughout the afternoon in the Flying Swine Stage & Communitat.

Above: 'Uh Yeah, where should I put this box of ladies?' That's Isis Charise (left), Kathy Feighery (center), and Angelika Rinnhofer (right) in Kathy's drawing studio/PODS. PODs of Hudson Valley is a sponsor of the HFA project.

Below: Don't vorry Matt Kinney. I mean, I'm only KRUshing your HEAD!

Above: Steven Walls studio. Below: a portion of the group show in Spire's common space gallery.

It's almost eery walking into Spire Studios. So foreign and so familiar. It was my home for three years, and I now only live across the street, but I simply don't make it in there often. It's an uncanny experience.
Above and below: images in Jesse Lebwohl-Steiner's studio.

Jesse Lebwohl-Steiner is now occupying the space that had previously been the studio of Alexis Elton and Peter Iannarelli. I certainly see threads of commonality in concept and use of material in the three artists' work . The residency of those three artists in this same space represent fascinating chapters in the growing biography of tiny studio.

The day after:

I was beat after all my running around on the west end of town that I did not make it to the east end on Sunday Morning. Dan at Open Space was fiendishly blogging in the days leading up to and the day of the Electric Windows Event.

Above: installation of the Windows was ongoing on Sunday morning. Below: a bleary eyed Rick Price was finalizing his piece.

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