Thursday, May 15, 2008

The latest on Habitat for Artists

Fog descended heavily around midnight last night. I walked down to Spire to see the effect the thickened atmosphere had on the artists habitats.

Just twelve hours earlier Habitat Alley was a center of commotion as the last of the structures were erected for tomorrow's official launch of the project. Below you see Donald Kimmel, Simon Draper and Alexis Elton as the skin is placed on the habitat that Sharon Butler plans to use as an unplugged writing refuge for the Summer.

Here Donald and Simon are working on the Flying Swine Performance Stage/Communitat. On Saturday, visitors will be welcome to adorn the structure with cladding of their own creation. Donald will be on stage, performing, somewhere between 3 and 5pm on Saturday.

Alexis is back in town from New Mexico for a short stint. She's been working on her
own structure out west, made of steel, burlap, mud and unlit matches. She'll be showing an installation of the documentation of her habitat and her life outside of Santa Fe during Spire Studios' Open Studios on Saturday. Alexis' arrival yesterday reminded me of a flurry of building taking place on this site two years ago.

The HFA backyard, as it were.

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