Friday, August 29, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: GlowbabyGlow

This week's ECF is dedicated to my schtrudelkins, Angelika Rinnhofer, who is becoming an American citizen today.
Nuremberg, or Nurnberg, the city that brought us Albrecht Durer, military tribunals, and Germany's most popular sausage is Ms. Rinnhofer's hometown.
As a tribute to this bustling Bavarian burg, I wanted to share some visuals from the city's annual Blaue Nacht. The Blaue Nacht, in its ninth year, is a night time festival of light and and wonder with installations and performances that light up the city's center.
Here's a slide show of images from this year's event.
I tried to find a single video that would demonstrate the scope of the event, but I couldn't find any that did that, and the ones I have found suck.

As a form of remedy, I'm posting this video from Cool Hunting on the Glow Fest held in Santa Monica in July.

Just imagine, if you will, that what you're watching is Bavaria and that the Lderhosen being sported by Arthur Nakane, the one man band are out of frame.

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