Sunday, August 24, 2008

Swimming Cities arrive in Beacon, NY

The first of the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea vessels pulled in to dock in Beacon, NY last night against an orange-lace sunset.
The third of the vessels arrive with the lights of Newburgh as backdrop.

A small Beacon delegation was on hand to welcome the exhausted crew of between 40 and 50 people distributed among the boats.

Given that the Hudson is a tidal river, with current flowing alternately North and South, the crew has had to rise at 5 am and be off by 6 am every day in order to take advantage of the favorable current.
Some of the Switchbackers made their way up to Main St for snacks before making camp at Spire Studios.
Jeff Caramegna succinctly summed up the evening's excitement of the new arrivals, saying "I pitched a tent....".

Sunday morn: Some of the Switchback crew bedding down among the Habitats.

After a day of much needed rest, the crew will be performing tonight at Beacon Point at 8pm.
The morning after the group's arrival in Beacon.

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