Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few images, Second Saturday, Aug 9, 2008

Here are a few images from Second Saturday. After what was a very hopping day, the evening seemed a bit quiet to me, although to be sure many people were in attendance at Fovea's outdoor screening. the busy day with WOMS activities, I was spent after the WOMS activities earlier in the day, so we didn't make it very many places. We first stopped into Fovea for to sample all things China.

The work of Justin Guariglia at Fovea.

I was under the impression that Go North was having a reception for the opening of Pete Crotty's exhibit. The show did open that night, and visitors were treated to visions of the world through Pete Crotty's eyes, but the reception is scheduled for this coming Saturday, the 16. We found the artist across the street, minding the beverages at Van Brunt for the opening of the Women of New Orleans exhibit.

The Listening station at Go North, above. The gregarious madman, below.
Stage 2 of Karen Brummund's temporal Windows on Main St. installation next door to Go North.

At Van Brunt Gallery

Above & below: Gaetane michaux and Sighn at Open Space.

A final drive by snapshot of the audience gathered for Fovea's monthly screening.

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