Friday, August 08, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: Pinocchio Wrangler

There's nary a disturbance to the mid-Summer tranquility of Bard College.....except for the presence of the MFA students:

David Horvitz is one of the renegade Pinocchios who "extended..... to the outside world", Paul McCarthy's piece "Pinocchio Pipenose Household Dilemma (Party Pack)." The McCarthy piece, which is currently on view in the "I've Got Something In My Eye" exhibit curated by Bik Van der Pol, at Bard's Hessel Museum. The video installation consists of an isolated video viewing gallery and a separate changing area outfitted with full Pinocchio costumes which must be worn in order to view the video.
Taking a cue on what to do when you get caught from one of the "fringe" volumes published by Loompanics in the Bik Van der Pol installation "Loompanics", the students momentarily created and freed the shortlived lovechild of two subversive artworks. Here's a bit of documentation from Horvitz's website.

The sound of giant plastic shoes scuffing along the concrete. That's Summer!

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cralbert said...

I'm mesmerized by this, I can't help watching it over and over. I like the little head fake one of the pinokes does at the end.
the sound is hypnotizing