Friday, August 08, 2008


Nearly a month ago, I packed Ms Angelika off to embark on her low residency MFAdventure.
In light of her time away subjecting her mind to the grad school sausage ginder, I want to mention an interesting interview with Robert Storr on
The Yale Arts and Architecture Podcast. (I've linked to the website that will direct you to the family of Yale podcasts on iTunes. You will need to download the iTunes software if you don't have it on your computer. Once you've done that, simply find the Arts & Arch. podcast.) In the segment titled "My life as and Artist", Storr, in his position as Dean of the Yale School of Art, speaks on the responsibility of the MFA program in preparing its students for the future, the role of artists in society, and the challenges that face those artists dedicating to making their way in this vocation.
She's back now, adjusting to life in kamp maykr.
Here's a taste of what she was up to while in Austria:

A's collaboration with Chris Danowski.

For the mind always venturing, coming home is simply another leg of the roaming.

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