Friday, August 08, 2008

Second Saturday August 9 2008

It's late on Friday evening, I'm catching a bit of the Olympic opening ceremony, and.....I've been preoccupied with one of the many events taking place in Beacon tomorrow. Just scroll down a bit and you'll learn more about that.
Openings are happening as per usual are happening everywhere, quite nearly.
Given my televiewing tonight, we can start with Fovea Exhibitions Gallery which is opening an exhibit called Planet China with photos by Julien Chatelan, Alan Chin and Justin Guariglia. Aditionally, the gallery will be featuring coverage of the Olympics and holding special hours concurrent with the run of the Games. At dusk, Fovea Exhibitions, which has a new and fully functioning website with plenty of program information, will be continuing its monthy screening series in the lot on the corner of Cross and Main St. Bite sized treats by St. Clair will be on hand. Opening reception from 4-8pm.

RiverWinds is opening an exhibition of paintings by Ellen A. Lewis, reception from 5-8pm
Bannerman Gallery has an exhibit of photography of James Douglas, reception from 4-6pm

Openings from 6-9pm:
Go North is sporting an exhibit of Pete Crotty's photographs.
Van Brunt is hosting "Women in New Orleans", and exhibit organized by Lyn Fishbach.
Open Space is hosting an exhibit of work by Gaetane Michaux & Signn
Over at bau, bau 44:Lisa Zukowski: Littoral Translations and Multiplicities
Back Room Gallery is hosting its 3rd Annual Figure Show

Mount Beacon Fine Art is opening an exhibit with Judy Sigunick..... and another artist...I saw a card for it today, but can't remember..and I've found no info online, but I'll find out.

Flying Swine, is presenting Private Lives by Sir Noel Coward at 7:30 at the Howland Center. This performance is free to the public.

Exhibits at Hermitage (Greg Slick), Pearldaddy (Edie Nadelhaft) and Zahra's (Chris Pappan) are continuing.
Zahra's Studio will have a satellite presence at Rust Riot on Sunday in Putnum Valley.

They just lit the big candle and I'm goin to bed.

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