Friday, August 08, 2008

Windows on Main St Walking Tours, Aug 9 & 10 @ 3pm

Here's the breakdown of the WOMS walking tours that we'll be having this weekend:

Saturday, beginning at 3pm at Muddy Cup (129 Main St), we'll be walking and discussing the western half of the projects which include:
Ryan Burghard at Mountain Tops
Jill Reynolds at Hudson Beach Glass
Tom Hughes at Iron Fish Trading Co.
Clinton Wilkins & Maura Arraj at Artisan Wine Shop
Erin Parsch at Hudson Fisheries Trust
Erica Hauser at Zora Dora Paletarias
Megan Metcalf at Main St. Salon
Cheyenne Cole, Brian Pena and Rebecca Ambrosini at Paper Presence

On Sunday, the 10th starting at 3pm at Zuzu's (453 Main St.) we'll visit:
Theresa Gooby at Beacon Natural Market
Simon Draper at Exit Drake Realty
Jessica Lauretti at Dickinson's Antiques
Jake Selvidio at Zuzu's
Karen Brummund at 469 Main St.
Matthew Slaats at 469 Main St.
Steve Walls at Watkins Press
Jenny Price at Jacqueline

The tour will take the form of an informal strolling conversation. After grabbing a refreshing drink at Muddy Cup and Zuzu's we'll all share in a pleasant and stimulating interaction with the project's curators, artists and host businesses.
A major component of work like this sited in these locations is conversations; between artist and space - between artwork's and viewer's - between the various people who come in contact with the piece, and these walking tours are a perfect complement to the spirit of the project.
If you have any questions regarding the exhibitions, or any of the events related to WOMS, please email me.
FYI, there is a panel discussion in the works and I'll be posting that info here when it comes available. Also, I'll be posting statements from the other project curators in the coming days. Here's Matthew Slaats' statement on the project.

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