Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Windows on Main St tour, 8.9.08 - selected images

We were the beneficiaries of excellent weather for the WOMS tour on Saturday, Aug 9, 2008. As usual, we here at maykr are greatful to the everlovely Angelika Rinnhofer for providing us everlovely pictures such as these of our tour.

The crowd gathered 'round Erin Parsch's piece at the Hudson Fisheries Trust.

Clinton Wilkins discusses his collaborative piece with Maura Araj at Artisan Wine Shop.

Erica Hauser in front of her work, Poptimism, at Zora Dora.

Above: Jill Reynolds discussing her work, HOT HOUSE at Hudson Beach Glass.

Tom Hughes contemplating his mini motors of death at Iron Fish Trading Co.

Above: Megan Metcalf explaining her piece exploring the interconnectedness of community at the Main St Salon.
Below: Megan's in-progress diagram of the relationships that revolve around Main St. Salon.

More interconnectedness at Paper Presence; that of inspiration and ideas within a community by BHS students Cheyenne Cole, Brian Pena and Rebecca Ambrosini.

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